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Fink Philosophy – Protest Party!

April 17, 2011

Date: Tuesday, 19 April 2011

Time: 12 noon onwards (tentative)

Venue: Greenwich University Campus, watch this space for finalised meeting spot

(Time and building subject to change based on when and what room can be booked for event; event may last all day).

The next stage in our Save Philosophy At Greenwich Campaign.

The protest on Friday protest was great! We blockaded the entrance to the King William building for a few hours. Police were called onto the scene when protesters refused to budge from their positions sitting at the entrance, but left after talking to security for more than half an hour without even approaching protesting students and friends!

Nevertheless, we’ve got continue to step things up to make our voices heard. If you have loud friends, bring them. I’ll be bringing Lloyd (inside joke,don’t worry), to step it up a gear. Management will be having a meeting to set the agenda for the Council meeting on the 5th of May that will determine the fate of the philosophy programme, and we have to make sure we’re on the agenda in a manner in which the decision to close the programme can be stopped!

There will be music, with a stereo courtesy of the folks at the Bigger Society Sound System; do bring instruments and practically anything that will get us noticed — make noise to get us on the agenda. Art supplies to make banners, posters. Really, if you have an idea, bring it (whatever it may be), with the adequate supplies, and we’ll do it. If you can bake, bake cakes. Any food and drink brought will be very much appreciated. Free thought against Finkelstein (FFAF) to have a real good time!

See you there!

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